Breastfeeding and going back to work…

Time just flies once you have a little one. It’s been a wild ride this week. I’m lucky to have a great job that I love, as well as an awesome daycare provider and an amazing husband to all ease the pain of being a first time Mom making that transition back to work. Now finally on to the blog about breastfeeding and returning to work I meant to have posted two weeks ago…

Luckily breastfeeding came relatively easy to Charlie and I. The hospital I had her at had daily lactation classes, so I went the last two mornings before we went home. My milk fully came in about 4.5 days after she was born and I’ll never forget what that felt like. Being engorged is no fun. In those early weeks alternating cool gel soothies, hot compresses in between feedings, and the occasional hot shower massage helped me get more comfortable. I also highly recommend a good nipple balm, I love Boobease Organic healing nipple balm. It doesn’t have to be washed off before the next nursing session and you can get it at Target.

Since I knew I’d be returning to work after maternity leave, we introduced Charlie to her first bottle at two weeks old. We used the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature because it worked well for my sister & her DS going back & forth from bottle to breast while working. I always made sure to pump any time we gave her a bottle. Which early on was no more than 1 a day and no less than 1 per week while establishing supply & getting her used to taking it. We introduced the bottle by having my husband give it skin to skin, which went well.

I rented a pump from the hospital until mine was delivered. I received a breast pump through my insurance. I found this great company online (link below) who makes the process super easy. I entered my info on the website in less than 10 minutes, and the pump was at my door within 5 days of ordering.

I ended up ordering the Medela Pump in Style . I went with this double style pump because I liked the Medela hospital pump I had used and it had great reviews. I’ve been very happy with its effectiveness.

Something I just recently bought that I wish I had sooner is a manual silicone breast pump. It’s great for catching letdown and could have helped immensely with creating a larger frozen stash. It could also be used to help relieve an engorged breast to make it easier for your little one to latch or having a lightweight pump for traveling. I bought the NatureBond Manual pump on Amazon and it was a great price, BPA free- food grade silicone and came with a cute carrying bag.

Since I’m going back to work and have a hour long commute (more on that later), I bought a Medela 9volt car power adapter and a hands free pumping bra to potentially do some pumping during all that driving, in addition to pump breaks at work. And since I’ll be transporting my pump back & forth to work, I got myself the Idaho Jones Chertsey Pump Backpack. I loved it because it’s stylish yet super functional for going back to work. It has a special pocket that fits both my pump & milk cooler bag. Which will be perfect for dropping off at daycare & my long commute to work.

It’s super crazy how fast Maternity leave passed by. I look forward to getting back to work which I can only say because we found a great in home daycare provider. She’s actually a family friend that my husband’s s aunt has known for over 25 years. And I’ll probably still cry when I drop her off on Tuesday morning for my first day back at work.

Well, here’s to hoping all this info helps some new mamas out there… I’m happy to answer any questions or feel free to please send me some good Mama back to work vibes to me this week!

Happy belated New Years! Thanks for following along this postpartum journey!


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